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e are London based Internet marketing, web design and development company. C Tek Tech  specializes in providing excellent web design and development & all marketing services for small businesses, large or professionals. We create stunning and eye catching, result-oriented and professional sites that accommodate all budgets. We usually service our clients in the UK. But, no matter where our clients are in the world, US, Canada,  Australia, Russia or others, the job gets done.

We always pride ourselves on our hardwork, great customer service & on-going support, creative designs and work ethics. Our client’s satisfaction is our number #1 concern. Understanding clients and their needs are the priority at C Tek Tech, our passion is to create innovative web site designs for your brand and provide you with the next step in improving your online presence.

CTek Tech web sites are usually developed with the use of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Once your web site is launched, WordPress Content Management System gives you the ability to easily continue to create, edit, and manage all the content throughout your own web site. Many other web development companies use proprietary systems and software that can not be transferred. However, the WordPress CMS is a portable or “open source” solution used by millions of people world wide. With C Tek Tech, you own your web site, and can move it and host it elsewhere any time you wish. By using the WordPress open source CMS, C Tek Tech gives clients always the power and ability to more easily manage their own websites! WordPress CMS allows you to be in control of the administration, maintenance, upkeep and ongoing modifications to your website at all times.

e recognized the disjointed efforts and wanted to offer clients a full service Internet marketing, web design and application (mobile & social)  development company. As a result, we sought to bridge the gap and offer our clients the convenience of a one-stop shop. Streamlined the process and created a remarkable Internet marketing, web site design and web development company bold enough to offer a complete web solution package in one place. C Tek Tech clients enjoy the benefits of owning their web sites with the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership over time!


If you can’t find the information that you are looking for please contact us here and we will be happy to deal with your enquiry.